The WRX is a great car stuck in the bad hair days of the 1990s…


I’d hate you to think that with the passage of years I’d fallen out of love with the Subaru WRX. The car that won everything in rallying during the 1990s was the motor every journalist wanted to test.

But that was in the last century and we all grow up. Our lives change, we ask more of our cars and the things that mattered then – performance, outspoken looks, spoilers – don’t matter quite so much now.

We’ve all seen the years pass but the WRX doesn’t seem to have kept pace. It’s still stuck in the 1990s with bad music, funny haircuts and a pre Internet outlook on life.

Of course, if you want a full-on, balls out ride down memory lane, the Subaru can really turn up the heat. It’s just that the rest of us might prefer something a little more civilised, like a Golf R or BMW 135…

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