Acid green brake callipers – the mark of a Porsche Panamera hybrid


Acid green – that’s the official name for the paint job on the Panamera brake callipers. It’s a florescent gunge colour that might not be to everybody’s taste and is repeated on the rear boot badge too.

Porsche only use this on the E-Hybrid – maybe it’s there to remind buyers that the rubbish brakes fitted on the original Panamera are no more. Indeed, this is a much better and more credible car all round.

Why? Well, the car still uses a supercharged Audi V6 but has lithium batteries instead of nickel and increases the storage capacity five-fold. The hybrid also feels much quicker and only takes 2.5 hours to charge from a fast charger.

The Panamera remains a large car and anybody thinking this is just a stretched 911 will be sorely disappointed.

But as an alternative to a BMW, Mercedes or Audi, it’s certainly a cool, if rather more expensive option.

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