Gok Wan drives a Porsche Panamera – did the celebrity stylist buy the best looking four-seater?


Gok Wan drives a Porsche Panamera. The celebrity stylist loves cars but I’m a little surprised he opted for the German four-door. Why? Well, quite simply the Panamera just isn’t the prettiest sporting, four-seat hatchback.

You only have to look at the stunning Aston Martin Rapide or the Maserati Quattroporte to realise that somewhere, somehow, Porsche got the styling wrong.

The Panamera is just a little toooo long in profile. The front end is classic Porsche but my, there’s nothing very appealing about the rest of the car.

Inside? Well, it’s a different story but more on that tomorrow. I’m just about to steer the Panamera towards Sussex to meet and interview the world’s number one showjumper, Scott Brash. Let’s see how it goes long distance…

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