Got your compact? And we don’t mean eye make-up. Welcome to the new Mazda CX-3


I’m not a fan of the Nissan Juke. It’s something about those bug-eyed headlights. In fact, the naff styling has totally ruined my perception of compact crossover. Therefore, I approach any new, jack-up supermini with trepidation.

Pleasingly, the Mazda CX-3 parked in a swamp of mud on my driveway looks considerably better. It’s help by the current trend for a ‘big mouth’ grille that has been the Mazda ‘look’ for some time now – and has also been nicked by Ford.

First impressions then suggest this could be a great chunk of Car Couture to park on your driveway. The interior also has a quality feel to it, although space on the back seat is limited.

All models in the range get air con, alloy wheels, Bluetooth and a touchscreen entertainment system. Our Sport adds 18-inch alloys, LED day lights, keyless entry and even a head-up display.

Promising then. But how will it fair as a daily drive? Join us tomorrow for another report…

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