Is the Porsche Panamera Hybrid an electric dream? Yes, if you mix urban and country driving


Every car has it’s ‘unique selling point’ and the Panamera Hybrid is no exception. It’s the only Porsche that you can drive through the centre of London and beat the Congestion Charge.

It’s also kind of cool trundling through the City in electric mode, silently passing through the streets not burning up a drop of fuel. The Panamera Hybrid pumps out a lowly 75 g/km of emissions – which put it in the same bracket as many super-frugal city cars.

Driving back to the Cotswolds into a full-on storm, it was time to hit the Sport button. Suddenly the four-door performs more like you might expect a Porsche to. Searingly fast, very aggressive with excellent handling.

For people who need an urban supercar with all the advantages of electric power, the Panamera has created a niche of its own. There really isn’t much else to rival it.

That’s how the Panamera Hybrid works best. But if you’re more of a long distance driver, constantly hacking up and down a motorway, there are better models to pick in the Panamera line-up.

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