The Mitsubishi Shogun – still doing the business after all these years


Mitsubishi would cringe if I were to compare the Shogun with last week’s Range Rover. Apart from the whopping price difference, they are aimed at very different markets.

You aren’t going to use the Shogun as an urban-mobile – and say what you like, I’ve rarely seen a Range Rover towing a horsebox in the Cotswolds with serious mud on its wheels.

Our top spec SG4 Mitsubishi is capable of being a competent, semi-luxury machine and the Range Rover is brilliant in the mud. But that isn’t what people buy them for.

So, we have two 4x4s that are polar opposites. And I like it that way. The Shogun sounds and feels positively agricultural by comparison but like my friend says, it does what it says on the tin…

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