The Shogun has become a poor man’s alternative to the Land Rover Shogun…


The Shogun has become the poor man’s alternative to a Land Rover Discovery. That’s on-road and possibly off – depending on how serious you are about trashing a £40k vehicle.

There used to be a time when the Shogun was king but it’s been left behind on-road by the likes of the BMW X5, the Volvo XC90 and many others.

Yes it has a whopping towing capacity but that’s not enough of a selling point to tempt buyers confronted by a forecourt of alternatives.

The ride is ponderous and bouncy, engine noise from the rumbling engine is intrusive and it’s thirsty too.

Console yourself with the amount of standard equipment and cabin space. Oh and that towing capacity of 3,500kgs (a Toyota Land Cruiser is 2,800kgs).

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