The Mitsubishi Shogun was never designed to be a lifestyle SUV…


Expect a flood of new SUVs in 2016 as manufacturers from Jaguar to Rolls-Royce launch four-wheel drive models to tap into our yearning for multi purpose vehicles.

I’m starting to wonder what the next fad will be – or have we exhausted all possible configurations for new types of car?

For those of us without a family, it’s sometimes difficult to get your head around the need for an SUV – who needs seven seats when a rasping two-seater is more than enough.

Fortunately, the Shogun was never designed to be a ‘lifestyle’ machine. It was always a serious off-road machine for people who don’t mind getting the floor carpet dirty.

I wonder if we will be able to say that about any SUV in five years time? Even the next generation Land Rover looks like it was designed for the high street rather than a farmyard…

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