Five things you won’t know about the Audi R8 until you own one


One reason why motoring writers can offer a better opinion is that we get the chance to live with a car for more than just the usual dealership test drive route.

After ‘owning’ the R8 for five days, I know that it shares one little problem common to the Porsche 911 – the buckle on the passenger safety belt rattles against the bulkhead when not in use.

I can also tell you that the virtual dashboard isn’t as intuitive to use as it might be, and in strong sunlight, there’s a terrible reflection on the windscreen above the instrument binnacle.

While the R8 has an acoustic exhaust system that allows the Audi to be driven relatively quietly through a town (you don’t want to be a knob and show off, do you?), it’s impossible to start the car discreetly, as the pipes scream.

The front luggage area is tiny, oh and the suspension is way to firm, even on ‘comfort’ setting.

So you see, no car is perfect. Even when it looks this good and costs so much…

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