The Audi R8 is every inch a supercar – even though it doesn’t have the badge to match


The R8 may not carry the badge of a Lamborghini or a Ferrari but it is every inch a supercar. It has the looks, the performance and handling to keep the keenest driver engaged.

It’s not as practical as a Porsche 911 as an everyday fast car – but then if you want one of those, go buy a Mercedes.

A better comparison would be the latest McLaren 570S. I drove that car in Portugal four months ago and it is hard to pick between the two.

I suppose the McLaren has more cache – you can’t buy any McLaren for less than £130k, after all.

But badge aside, I’d say both cars are more than a match for each other and the R8 is more than worthy of your consideration – if you are lucky enough to have enough money to buy either…

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