The Audi A8 looks like an A6 on steroids…


After a week in the R8 it almost seems unfair to step into the A8. The two cars are like chalk and cheese – although both share quattro four-wheel drive.

On a wet drive to Kenilworth Castle yesterday, I’m glad the huge A8 had some extra grip though– it really was one of those days to come unstuck big time on the Fosse Way strip.

First impressions? Well, I’m just not sure the big Audi feels special enough. It looks like an A6 on steroids, or a bloated A4. What I’m trying to say is, the A8 just doesn’t feel that different.

Sure, it’s loaded with technology but I want a bit more than that for my £76k. I can’t help feeling a Jag or a Range Rover would move me in just as much comfort.

But critically, they would also set my pulse racing every time I saw it on the driveway…

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