The Audi A8’s subtle looks lack visual appeal in the executive car park


Don’t expect to wow your neighbours with the A8 – a pumped up version of the A4. There’s nothing remarkable about the styling, even on our hugely expensive test car.

At least the big Audi is beautifully put together. Advanced, refined and technologically superior, it should be the benchmark limo for all others to aspire to.

However, shouldn’t an exec get as excited about their set of wheels as the rest of us? The A8 misses out here – it’s a big saloon for men in grey suits. The type of chap who would scorn a BMW, Jaguar or a terribly provocative Maserati.

So, while they enjoy effortless performance which allows them to serve up dinner party chat about the A8’s remarkable fuel economy, the subtle looks won’t appeal to everyone.

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