Diesel bonkers – what about the Jaguar XF with a big petrol engine?


Let’s be honest, not that many buyers will opt for the petrol XF. We’ve all gone diesel bonkers, despite the harm it is doing to our environment and paying more to fill the tank.

And that’s a terrible shame because with both 335bhp and 375bhp versions to choose from, this is one Jaguar that stuffs the best of BMW for driving dynamics in every department.

I’ve only driven the car a dozen miles but I can’t wait to find an excuse to climb in again. Not bad considering I have a 911 and a Harley-Davidson squeezed on the drive too.

There’s going to be a storming SVR model along soon with 550bhp on tap but I think our 375bhp test car has the balance just right. It’s an absolute belter of a car and the best Jaguar in years – including the F-Type.

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