On paper the BMW 5 Series is a better car but the Jaguar XF looks better in the metal


On paper, it would be fair to say the BMW 5 Series is a better all-rounder than the Jaguar XF. Accountants use a lot a paper – and look how boring they can be.

It’s when you see the latest XF in the metal that this luxury saloon will steal your heart. It’s ten times prettier than the Beemer and turns more heads than any offering from Audi or Mercedes too.

The new XF has better steering and ride qualities than key rivals and somehow – I don’t know how – but Jaguar has achieved a cooler image than anything from Germany too. Although you could argue Audi runs it close.

Day two of running the XF S and I already know this is going to be a fun week. Just as importantly, I love seeing the Jaguar parked on the drive. Which is far more important than anything you read on paper…

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