Imagine arriving at McLaren in a mad orange box on wheels…


To reach the executive car park at McLaren’s ‘Tracey Island’ HQ in Woking, you have to skirt a lake and drive past Ron Dennis’ palatial office. And judging by the exotica in the car park, you really want to arrive in something special.

I’m at the wheel of a ‘Omaha Orange’ Jeep Renegade. While I can’t see through the windows of the part subterranean super car factory, I’m sure heads are turning for all the wrong reasons and Ron is laughing his socks off.

It might be my own insecurities but I haven’t driven an orange car in 35 years – and that was a Datsun 120Y handed down from my father.

You have to be a special kind of person to own an orange car. Either an employee of budget airline easyJet or comfortable in Hawaiian shirt and shorts 12 months of the year.

I am neither. So, the Jeep is already at a disadvantage. I have to get my get my head around the paintjob before I can even consider the rest of the car.

Whether or not I can remains to be seen but suddenly a flowery shirt and silly shorts look far more restrained in comparison…

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