Jeep Renegade – possibly the ugliest car I’ve ever driven (sadly)


The Americans are trading heavily on their heritage with the Renegade. The original Jeep was a functional four-wheel drive that lent its name to several generations of future 4x4s and SUVs.

The Renegade is a poor substitute. Only six of the 17 models have all-wheel drive and despite some rugged body trim, this car is just a tacky fashion accessory, designed for suburbia and the high street.

Especially annoying is the ‘since 1941’ logo splashed across the top of the dashboard. Erm , since 1941 Jeep has been building pseudo SUVs with no style, character and charm?

And besides, this one was built in Italy. It’s also the only vehicle I can think of that’s more ugly than the Fiat 500X on which it’s based.

Sorry Jeep but the Renegade makes me cringe every time I see it. And it’s not just the ridiculous orange paint that leaves me with no place to hide. I simply loathe the look.

More on driving the Renegade, build quality and ownership over the next few days….

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