The one-step, no-step Jeep Renegade will lead you a merry dance


If there’s one, insignificant feature on the Jeep Renegade that sums up the ethos of this vehicle, it’s the footstep leading in to the back seat.

Foot step, running board – call it what you like. Except this isn’t a foot step. Despite being at ‘step’ height, it is actually just a piece of plastic trim, bolted on to give the Renegade a more macho look.

And I know it’s not a running board because it says in bold typeface ‘No Step!’ on the trim. I honestly can’t imagine a boisterous ten-year-old bothering to read that as he uses it for a springboard.

It’s all a bit pointless. Just like the splattered mud logo that replaces the red line on the rev counter. That’s going to annoy the hell out of you after about a nano second of novelty value.

Jeep is trying to been ‘too’ Jeep I fear. Concentrate on getting the basics right first…

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