The Jeep Renegade – for people who want to drive in a top hat


Colin Rosie might be happy. The man who restores top hats at Spitalfields Market in London will be delighted to know Jeep make a car designed especially for his customers.

The Jeep Postvan (available in bright orange) has so much headroom that wearers don’t have to remove their hats when on the road. It’s tons more practical than the ‘squashed’ Range Rover Evoque, which is for flat cap owners only.

Of course, you pay a price for making a fashion statement in a top hat. Unlike the urban-cool Evoque (available now secondhand for £20k upwards), our £23,000 Renegade has the visual appeal of a Lego brick.

At least the Jeep makes other people happy. I know this because there were a lot drivers laughing at me as I tootled through the Cotswolds on the weekend.

So, there you have it. Buy an Evoque and leave your top hat at home. Or choose a Jeep Renegade and make people chuckle..

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