The orange Jeep Renegade is one Jaffa too far…


Decided to catch the train to London today. I just can’t face a five-hour return journey in the orange Jeep.

Believe me, I’m in touch with my inner ‘orangeness’ – it’s just that a combination of orange and Renegade is one Jaffa too far.

A car should be a joyous thing – something you long to drive when it’s parked outside your house.

My 1972 Land Rover is noisy, uncomfortable and draughty but I look forward to steering it 100 times more than the Jeep.

Sure, on paper the Renegade has plenty of kit and a heritage to match – despite being expensive.

It’s really a fake though. There’s more history and charisma in my BIC pen. The fact Jeep has played on the heritage card so heavily with this new Renegade really sucks.

I never thought I’d say this but honestly, go drive the hugely impressive Skoda Yeti instead. It’s a much better car.

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