It’s a Peugeot Jim but not as we know it…


After the madness of last week’s Jeep Renegade in orange, enter the positively restrained Peugeot 508 RHX – in white. Never have I welcome a blanco car so much!

So this is Peugeot’s £30k jacked up estate with a twist. That’s right, it’s a hybrid. Or is it?

Although it might look like the company’s chunky, electric-petrol Hybrid4, this version is front-wheel drive only and equipped with a 180bhp diesel engine.

So like the the two-wheel drive Jeep, the RXH is another pretender that doesn’t do what it says on the tin.

Could be an interesting week ahead – but I promise not to lose my rag over another pseudo 4×4 with no off-road ability…

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