Less chavy than a Range Rover Sport, the XC90 T8 is a top SUV


I thought it was going to lean on corners, run out of puff on the motorway – be hassled by angry BMW X5-types. That’s what I thought, until I drove the XC90 to Royal Windsor Horse Show yesterday.

In fact, the T8 proved itself even better than the BMW – and more than a match for the chavy Range Rover Sport (why do RRS drivers always opt for personalised number plates?).

In ‘sport’ driving mode, the Volvo absolutely bundles along. The petrol engine might sound like a diesel when pushed hard but boy, does it shift well.

Sure, there’s a little bit of lean on a winding country lane but overall, I’d say this is the best driving SUV out there – and that’s quite a compliment in today’s packed SUV market…


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