The Volvo XC90 T8 – the only reason to have a late onset family…


I’m 52. The chances are I won’t be having any kids in the near future. I didn’t forget to have them – life just passed that opportunity by and I’d rather test cars than pushchairs.

Being landed with somebody else’s sprog for the day is great, it’s just I want to hand them back in the evening, walk the dog and watch Peaky Blinders instead.

The T8 version of the XC90 is the only reason I can think of to try for a late onset family. With seven seats and whopping proportions, it’s way too large to drive on my own.

I need some child-like dummies to sit in the back, so I don’t feel a fraud. Or a late onset family, if the worst comes to the worst.

It’s that good, the T8. But you need a good reason to drive an family-orientated SUV this big that races to 60mph in under six seconds.

Sadly, Volvo doesn’t offer a two-seater, convertible T8, yet…

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