Why you should always fill a supercar McLaren with the right da do Ron Ron


My last experience of trying to find premium 98 RON unleaded almost ended in tears – expensive tears.

I was driving a Ferrari 612 Scaglietti. Just like electric car owners looking for a plug in, there was suddenly none of the stuff for miles.

In desperation, I had to pump in a gallon of the cheaper fuel and the Scags didn’t like it one bit. Fortunately, the Ferrari kangarooed far enough to make a garage with a decent supply.

The McLaren has a similarly expensive drinking habit. I’m already wondering where I’m going to have to fill her up, as I surely will at some point.

Yet the 650S can average 32mph combined, which doesn’t seem quite bad. It’s also bloody great fun and seems to annoy every bloke in a Porsche.

Worth paying the extra for then…

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