The radio doesn’t work and it rattles but I still love the McLaren 650S Spider

843869_McLaren 650S-17577

June 4 Well, apart from the radio packing up and the temperamental sat nav, this could be a one of the finest supercars I’ve driven.

There was also the sound of ‘something falling off’ when I encountered a small bump this morning – accompanied by a bit of a rattle from the front near-side suspension but let’s not split hairs.

Our test car tops £240k with all the extras it has fitted. I just wonder how I’d feel if I’d actually paid that price and not just a couple of tanks of high octane fuel. Possible a tad pissed off.

I know McLaren had reliability issues in the early days but I thought all that had been overcome by 2016?

At least I’m smiling. That’s the sign of a true love – when you can overlook the faults and just see the good stuff underneath.

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