Warp factor 9 – the McLaren 650S just won’t stop accelerating


It’s difficult trying to convey how fast the McLaren accelerates. I’ve driven the brilliant Nissan GT-R and all manner of exotica but the 650S is the first machine that leaves me in absolutely no doubt I could lose my driving license very quickly.

Because the windscreen is so large and the McLaren sits low on the road, it initially feels faster than the speedo read-out. Then I’ve become used to that and discovered guess what – the 650S is ridiculously fast.

At one stage yesterday, I actually had to double check the speedo wasn’t giving me a reading in kilometres. Nope, I really was still accelerating away at 95mph without fireworks from the engine.

Imagining travelling at light speed rather than mph. Other cars just become annoying blips on the radar – nothing stops the relentless surge of the 650S…

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