Warp factor 9 – the McLaren 650S just won’t stop accelerating


It’s difficult trying to convey how fast the McLaren accelerates. I’ve driven the brilliant Nissan GT-R and all manner of exotica but the 650S is the first machine that leaves me in absolutely no doubt I could lose my driving license very quickly.

Because the windscreen is so large and the McLaren sits low on the road, it initially feels faster than the speedo read-out. Then I’ve become used to that and discovered guess what – the 650S is ridiculously fast.

At one stage yesterday, I actually had to double check the speedo wasn’t giving me a reading in kilometres. Nope, I really was still accelerating away at 95mph without fireworks from the engine.

Imagining travelling at light speed rather than mph. Other cars just become annoying blips on the radar – nothing stops the relentless surge of the 650S…

So, could you really live with a McLaren 650S as a daily drive?


So, could you really live with a McLaren 650S as a daily drive? I mean, you might like to think you could but really – seven days a week?

Provided you don’t get paranoid about people pointing an iPhone at you on every corner, then possibly yes.

It’s comfortable enough – although getting in isn’t pretty – and the 650S comes with a couple of bonus features.

The first is a proper-sized boot under that front bonnet. It’s huge and large enough to hide the body of the McLaren dealer you’ve just stolen it from.

It also has a stalk on the steering column that allows the suspension to raise the car for uneven ground and creeping over speed bumps.

Obviously there’s no glove box, it’s pretty noise in the cabin and that large windscreen makes the cockpit warm in bright sunlight.

But yes, where do I sign?