The Lamborghini Miura – a star car that reminds us how great motors were back in the sixties


Where else could you expect a police convoy at 120mph? The Italians love their cars and thousands turned out on day one of the Lamborghini Miura 50th Anniversary Tour to watch these sixties supercars take to the road again.

Around 25 owners from around the world brought their cars to Bologna for the event – and with the average price of Miura now around ¬£1.2 million, that’s an awful lot of expensive metal.

I drove a 1972 Miura SV, with no servo brakes, no power steering and a 4.0-litre lump behind me. It’s hot, tiring work and you drive by the water temperature gauge because the Miura is prone to overheating.

Tonight the tour is in Parma. Already two cars are off the road but I can’t help feeling the Lambo technicians will have their work cut out getting everybody to the final destination of Florence.

A iconic car that was ahead of its time, the Miura needs the wide open road to do what it does best. Sadly, not even Italy can offer that these days…

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