What happened to the summer? It’s time to ride out on the Harley-Davidson Street Glide


Would we like to borrow a Harley-Davidson over the summer? It didn’t take long to think up the correct answer. And besides, 2016 looked pretty promising on the weather front according to experts.

However, just like those who predicted a ‘remain’ majority, the weather men got it wrong too. Yep, summer has been a long time coming and my fair weather riding skills have been put on hold waiting for the dry days.

Things have picked up a bit this week, so it seemed like a good time to talk about the Street Glide.

Low, mean and good-looking I think it’s the most stylish bike in the Harley touring range. Any bigger and you might as well buy a car – any smaller and, well, it wouldn’t be a Harley would it?

I’m a late developer when it comes to biking but in my mid-life crisis, I’ve taken to two wheels again. Just for the sunny days, anyway.

I’m not a big bloke but I can still cope with the Street Glide’s heavyweight frame. It’s more manoeuvrable than it looks over 20mph – just bloody heavy to shift yourself, without the aid of the engine when stationary.

Oh, and being a Harley, my feet actually touch the ground – important with a bike this heavy when you are at a standstill.

Finished in matt grey, I don’t feel too conspicuous. Although a few mates suggest the matt paint makes that ‘bat-wing’ fairing look plastic. I kind of agree but still prefer it to the gloss look.

Right, I’m off to work out the infotainment system. Yep, it has one of those too, just like a car. More on the weekend…

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