Love riding the Harley but a motorbike isn’t a practical tool


Age brings responsibility and with it baggage, lots of baggage. Which is why riding a motorcycle these days is more for pleasure rather than practical purpose.

As much as I’d like to jump on the Street Glide and commute to a job, the shops or friends, it’s not the obvious choice. I have a dog, luggage and need to be smart when I interview people for the Times or FT.

And the crap weather in this country means chunky clothing, plus the helmet of course. Where am I going to stash that lot safely in London before I prepare for a meet?

So, I have the utmost respect for ‘real’ bikers who use their machines day in, day out. There’s a guy on a Harley who rides past my house at the same time every morning, whatever the season.

Total respect. But while I live in England, I’m likely to be reaching for the car keys…

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