Goodbye Batmobile – hello BMW M6


Surely it’s the old chaps with beards who would love the Batmobile best? I was wrong. Parked up at the Silverstone Classic, it was the younger generations who went weak at the knees over the spoilers and decals.

I thought I was going to have to drag one woman out of the passengers seat – she was slightly drunk but fell instantly in lust with maddest BMW every built.

I’m also sure some of the teenagers who came to talk to me just thought I had bought an old Beemer and gone a bit over the top with the spoilers. Most were horrified and when I told them the car was worth about £150,000.

To me, driving the Batmobile just made me realise how much cars have improved in 45 years, especially when compared to our incoming M6 test car .

I could drive the Batmobile a long way. It’s soft, comfortable and not that noisy. It took me back to a time when you actually had to ‘drive’ a car – not just press a button and let technology take over.

I love it for that reason alone but I’d definitely was an M6 on the side to keep me sane…

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