The BMW M6 – a refined super tourer in an age of noisy exhaust pipes


I have to declare an interest from the start. The last car I owned was a 630d – it took me 48 years to find the perfect car for my needs but we got there in the end.

Now I’m testing the Big Daddy version. The rumbling M6 V8 that looks and sounds discreetly powerful without upsetting every other road user.

It would be easy to argue the case for other fast coupes but when it comes to styling, I think the 6 Series is difficult to beat. It’s also very roomy, beautifully screwed together and ‘feels’ like a refined muscle car.

Not sure who is going to pay £93k to buy one but I digress. The M6 is a masterclass in performance with discretion – especially in an age of noisy ‘sport’ exhausts and in your face styling…

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