The world’s smallest car boot? Surprisingly, it’s a Jaguar


Anybody remember the Mk II Toyota MR2? Apart from having a name that meant ‘shit’ in French, it also came equipped with the smallest luggage space known to man.

I thought those days were long gone – until I opened the tailgate of the F-Type coupe this morning. Wow! That has to be the tiniest boot ever. Smaller than the Toyota in fact.

And the reason is the space-saver spare wheel. It costs an extra £265 but takes up all of the load area. What the cock was Jaguar thinking when they designed that then?

So, I’ve just had to unbolt the spare wheel to fit an overnight bag in a coupe. Remember, there are no rear seats in the F-Type – only the passenger seats offers usable space.

This is quite mad. I know it is possible to specify a tyre inflator kit but are car designed to this level of detail should not be quite so compromised….

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