The incredible flatulent Jaguar F-Type Coupe…. (minus sound effects)


Having stripped the spare wheel out of the boot to make space for an overnight bag, I didn’t expect the F-Type to have a hissy-fit and start playing up.

I’m not sure a motoring journalist has penned a piece about a flatulent safety belt before so this could be a first. However, the Jaguar seems to have developed an odd, erm, farting noise when stretched out of its holder.

At first I thought it might have been my sweaty armpit. You know the form – cup your hand under your arm and squeeze. The perfect schoolboy wheeze.

But no. The source of the unfortunate sound is the belt mechanism itself. A cool car with a build in fart sounder. Not quite sure Jaguar had that in might with the F-Type but have any owners out there experienced the same problem?

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