The BMW Active Tourer is expensive – and let’s face it, the MPV will still be trashed by your kids


I can think of more versatile MPVs than the Active Tourer but few are as well screwed together. This is, after all, a school run-mobile and will therefore be treated to a severe battering of sticky fingers and muddy feet.

My assorted step-children had a habit of taking a crayon to the fold down tables in a Renault Espace. They would press sweet wrappers into every nook and cranny. Back seat magazine pockets were really designed to be rubbish bins.

Whether you are prepared to pay £35k for the hybrid Active Tourer and then see it trashed, slowly, slowly over many months, is up to you!

I think I might be tempted to opt for the cheaper VW Golf SV diesel instead and bank the money I save. Even if I do then have to pay the London Congestion Charge…

One thought on “The BMW Active Tourer is expensive – and let’s face it, the MPV will still be trashed by your kids

  1. Over the last 10 years I’ve owned numerous cars, including a 335i Se convertible, a 135i coupe, a 320 4 door petrol, a 125 M Sport, and a 320 ED Business Edition Touring. I now have a 225xe Luxury, and I love it. It does feature a long list of optional extras, but the basics are very good. Uncanny silence on short runs, great ability to recharge on B roads, and tremendous airy interior which makes most cars seem claustrophobic in comparison. Not only that but it saves me over £3000 a year in company car tax. Of course I miss my old 335 from 2007, but harvesting energy and playing with all the toys this little BMW has made a BIG impact – much nicer than several of the current generation 3 Series I’ve encountered.

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