You will never fall in love with the capable BMW 225xe Active Tourer…


I feel sensible. Well, I do driving the BMW 225 Active Tourer. As hybrid four-wheel drive MPVs go, the Beemer is just about the most sensible car money can buy.

It will carry you and your family around the country, make you feel good about helping the environment and that BMW badge will always have the edge over the likes of Ford, Peugeot or Skoda.

This is premium MPV with a full load of technology on board. The hybrid powertrain works faultlessly, the cabin is refined and upmarket – even the infotainment system is a cut above and the air con was life-saver in today’s mini heatwave.

The question is – would you buy one at £35,000? I suspect for the many the answer is no, even with all the tax savings and benefits of a petrol-electric.

A likeable car but not a model you could ever fall in love with…



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