The Morgan 4/4 is great because it has very little of anything…


After whinging about the lack of sun visors in the Morgan, I now discover my Land Rover doesn’t have them either. It’s a soft-top too, circa 1972 and just as bonkers to drive as the 4/4.

So what does the 80th annversary Morgan actually have to boast about? Well, apart from the fun factor it has a mohair roof, door locks and rather swanky, brass wheel nuts.

There’s some extended leather trim, cream-faced Smith dials (you have to know British cars to understand what they are) and a matt finish walnut dashboard.

You see, what makes this car special is that is has very little of anything. No driver aids, no infotainment system, no accoustic exhaust.

It’s quite lovely for a Friday drive in the October sunshine…

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