A Morgan for pottering? You need a 4/4 (with an extra windscreen wiper)


Having noted the lack of sun visors in the 4/4 I can now happily report that it has three windscreen visors to compensate. Brilliant.

And what is especially remarkable about the Morgan is the 1.6-litre Ford engine. It sips fuel soooo slowly. I must be averaging 45mph+. I can’t give you an exact figure because the Morgan doesn’t have an onboard computer of course.

The 4/4 has two sweet spots. On the motorway, rattle along at 75mph – otherwise it loves tackling a country lane between 35-50mph. The five-speed gearbox is a joy.

This is really the Morgan for gentle pottering around the Cotswolds. Not like the madcap Plus 8 that is an absolute bruiser to steer.

It’s great fun – I just wish this speical edition didn’t have quite so many naff  ’80th anniversary’ decals splattered about the place…

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