We could all be driving hydrogen Hyundais if the re-fuelling infrastructure was there


The simple fact is this – we could all be running our cars on environmentally friendly hydrogen if we wanted to. At present though, it’s not our choice.

The problem is the infrastructure isn’t there. Electric charging points are springing up across the country but it’s still a bind trying to find one sometimes. So given there are only a handful of hydrogen filling stations, it’s not really a feasible option to consider Fuel Cell.

Hyundai started working on hydrogen cars almost 20 years ago. There’s been a steady refinement since and on day two of driving the ix35 version, I can tell you there’s very little difference to a ‘normal’ car.

The only issue I have is that over 60mph there’s very little torque – and fuel consumption really suffers.

So like pure electric cars, this is really a machine for city dwellers. That said, give it a few years and technologically will have moved on to a point where even us country folk can consider owning one…

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