A hydrogen fuel cell car is more rare on UK roads than any model of Ferrari


Hyundai yesterday announced that a whole fleet of ix35 Fuel Cells will soon take to the streets of Paris as taxis. This I like – but the car is still more rare than almost any model of Ferrari.

Five hydrogen Hyundais joined the fleet in the French capital a year ago but now a further 60 have been ordered. There are currently just 300 on the road in 12 European countries.

The Toyota Mirai also runs on hydrogen but just a limited number have been released in the UK. The Honda Clarity is also on sale here. Both are more futuristic, while the ix35 blends in with the crowd.

Seeing a hydrogen car on the road in the UK really is a rarity. Will that change in the future? More than likely yes but it’s going to take a very long time to get there…

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