Dune roaming? We put the pseudo 4×4 VW Beetle to the test


I should declare an interest from the start. Four years ago I briefly owned a new Beetle. I went out to buy a sensible Passat estate and came home in a Bug. It happens…

I soon realised the 1.4 petrol engine wasn’t equipped to deal with the demands of my right foot, so I binned it for a BMW 6 Series. Great car that was too.

So I wanted to try the TDI torquiness of Beetle in Dune form. Would it rescue the car I used to own – or is it really just a speciation edition that is all form and no substance? Four-wheel drive isn’t even on the options list.

Once I’d got over the price – £25k or there about, I took delivery of this very, erm, yellow coupe. More over the next few days when I’ve found my sunglasses…


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