Paranoia – Doctor, why are pedestrians pointing at my yellow Beetle Dune?


The problem with driving a brightly coloured car is that you don’t know why pedestrians are pointing at you.

Is it VW’s Sandstorm yellow paintjob – or is the Beetle Dune the coolest thing this side of a Mini? (or just a bit silly?)

It’s certainly, erm, eye-catching. Even on the inside, the dashboard is a colour fest of dials (mostly pointless) and yellow paint.

So to avoid motorparanoia, I’ve taken to mostly driving it in the dark. The headlights are very good. I suppose to some folk it might look rather fecthing even in daylight.

I just can’t get my head around jacking up a car by 10mm and adding some decals to make it look better.

And then there’s the price – this particular car is £31,225 with all the extras!! More on that tomorrow…

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