Beam me up, Scottie – Nissan GT-R is not the light fantastic


Headlights – even supercars have their flaws. The Lamborghini Huracan features a dip/beam button on the steering wheel that your fingers can’t locate in the dark – the Audi RS7 Performance is equipped with a main beam that takes longer to flick on than Trump’s brain.

The GT-R’s issue is slightly more worrying. The dip beam is not adjusted corectly, so oncoming drivers are constantly flashing their annoyance in your face.

Just adjust the headlights, right? Well, I can’t find any mention of adjustment in the manual and there is nothing on the dashboard.

Frustrating and mildly dangerous.

And while we are on the subject of lights, the Nissan has flush door handles – an aerodynamic triumph, except you can’t locate them when approaching the car in the dark because they are not illuminated.

Silly. Remind the dealer about that when you are haggling ot the £80k pricetag…

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