Nissan GT-R – not for brand man, for individualists


In this age of common platform manufacturing and even commoner brand identity ” it’s no surprise that motor cars have been accused of ‘all looking the same’.

I mean, head-on in your rear-view mirror, can you tell the difference between an Audi A4, 5 or 6? BMW and Mercedes are especially flawed in this area.

If you want to be part of the middle class ‘gang’ then you need an aspirational vehicle to match. Thus the owner of a BMW 1 Series can feel the same brand attachment as a 7 Series driver.

Which is why cars like the Nissan GT-R are important. Yes, it costs around £80k (not far off the unique and very individual BMW i8, or the Audi R8 for that matter) but there’s no mistaking what is in your rear-view mirror.

And it should be applauded for that – instead of being a BMW M4 ,which will always look like a rep’s standard 4 Series however many spoilers BMW bolt onto it.

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