The Nissan GT-R is the Ugly Betty of supercars


Massive power, huge grip. The GT-R offers more performance per pound that any other supercar.

It may not have the looks of an Aston Martin or McLaren but just consider the price – it’s an absolute bargain flying machine.

After a week in Nissan’s rocket coupe, it’s difficult not to be impressed. Is there a quicker way to get from A to B across country? I doubt it.

Unfortunately, the 2017 model still hasn’t shaken off some inherent GT-R issues. It’s a heavy car, the interior trim quality is dubious and as an Ugly Betty, it will never win a beauty contest.

Overll though, the GT-R is very desirable. I just hope that by 2018 Nissan can sort out some of the build quality issues that have tainted our time with the car.

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