The Volvo XC90 T8 is kind to large animals – but what about wasps?


Look away now if animal cruelty makes you mad. My ancient Land Rover has developed a fault. Well, not so much a fault as an infestation.

Last summer, a bunch of wasps took up residence in the ventilation system – and now they are waking up and appearing out of nowhere.

This usually happens when the engine is getting warm, so I get a bundle of unwanted passengers in the cabin when I least expect it. Terrifying but the old paper instruction manual finally has a use.

Just issues won’t happen in the 2017 Volvo T8. It’s friendly to everything, especially pedestrians and, for some reason, large animals.

I don’t know why small animals aren’t included but changes to the Pilot Assist system – the one that drives the car for you – means it now features Large Animal Detection.

That’s right. If it spots something large in the road, the XC90 drops anchors and comes squealing to a halt.

Brilliant but what about wasps?

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