The annoying art of turning Traffic Alerts off in a Volvo XC90 T8


Volvo – famed for building super-safe cars. The well-used line that ‘nobody will die in a Volvo by 2020’ has been gathering momentum since I was first regailed of it in Sweden by a proud company man three years ago.

Well, that might be the case but I could have murdered the guy who put together the over-complicated infotainment system. A vertically-shaped iPad affair, it works very well at many things.

However, Volvo has decided to dispense will a paper owner’s manual and put it all on screen instead. I’m all for progress – except when I want to turn off those annoying Traffic Information inserts on the radio.

When I’m listening to a crucial part of The News Quiz, I don’t want some presenter from ‘Wurzel radio’ interupting to tell me a cow has escaped and is causing chaos on the A44.

Last night it took me 20 minutes to work out how to turn the alerts off. I could have managed it in two had there been the option of a paper manual.

So, you see, Volvo can make cars that nobody will die in by 2020. But I’ll still want to strangle that fecking techy designer…


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