Jaguar F-Pace – as mean looking as an Audi Q7?

I’m starting to wish I’d borrowed the 3.0-litre V6 F-Pace. Apart from the yawn-inspiring diesel engine in this week’s test car the first Jaguar SUV is otherwise rather good.

A shame really as this 2.0 diesel is the one most buyers will opt for, to benefit from tax breaks and the fine fuel economy. If only it churned out a bit more grunt and sounded like a ‘proper’ sporty SUV.

At least there’s no doubt the F-Pace turns heads, it’s rather like a mini Maserati Levante, thanks to that gaping from grille and compact, curvy shape. I love it – although I don’t think our dark blue test car really shows the F-Pace off to the max.

Perhaps only the Audi Q7 has a more aggressive look. As Clarkson once said, you could ‘nail it to a church door to fend off the devil’. The Jaguar looks like it means business, which is good enough for me. Amen.

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