My perfect SUV has the body of a Jaguar F-Pace

My perfect SUV? Well, it would have the body of a Jaguar F-Pace, the engine of a Porsche Macan and the interior of a Mercedes GLC (which we will have on test from this coming Thursday).

I’m still baffled by Jaguar’s 2.0 diesel, which is just so noisy under harsh acceleration – something one is surely expected to do in a vehicle called F-Pace?

Yet I can’t deny it isn’t pretty. Everywhere I drive it, there are admiring glances. F-Pace so much prettier than a BMW X3, or the Audi Q5, although the dark blue paintwork on our test car doesn’t really work for me.

I just wish I had driven the 300PS V6 diesel, or the 3.0-litre supercharged petrol model because I suspect, both those engines will have what the 2.0-litre models lacks – F-PACE!



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