The Jaguar F-Pace 2.0d – a sheep in wolf’s clothing

If I read another review of the Jaguar F-Pace that calls it a ‘sporty’ SUV I may just self combust. Pick one of the 3.0 diesel or petrol versions and maybe so – the 2.0 diesel (which most people will buy in the UK) is a sheep in wolf’s clothing.

Tomorrow we have a Mercedes GLC arriving on test and imagine the slightly larger diesel engine will be considerably more refined than the Jaguar unit.

There’s nothing wrong with the Jaguar four-cylinder – except it should be fitted to a hatchback rather than a chunky SUV called F-Pace.

On the plus side, as Jaguar’s first attempt at an SUV, the F-Pace is roomy, well-built and easy on the eye…

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