Parp-Parp! It has to be the endearing Morgan Plus 4

Whenever I visit the Morgan factory in Malvern it’s like stepping back in time. The buildings are relics from the war-time and things haven’t changed much since long before that.

Well, they now have plastic gingham tablecloths in the café, rather than linen – and there’s one of those Dyson dryers in the loo that almost blows your skin off.

I met an elderly gentleman outside with a walking stick. He bought a Morgan 60 years ago for £400 and guess what? Even he doesn’t think they have changed that much.

Of course, that’s what makes a Morgan great. They haven’t changed much at all. Sure it has a Mazda gearbox and a Ford engine – the Plus 8 is powered by a BMW unit – but time has stood still here.

In an age of Brexit, fake news and presidents with orange hair, it’s good to know some things never change…

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